Thursday, December 12, 2013

When the Money Monsters Ate the Fashion Wunderkinds: The Death of and

As if losing wasn't devastating enough, revamping into Fashionologie and then dumping both and turning into mainstream fare called Popsugar.

What I love and remember about Coutorture is that they have all the collections from runway shows catalog per season and goes as far back you could imagine. Fashionologie has a directory of designers (a wiki of sorts) that showcased what they've done, where they came from and whether they're emerging or pro or just outdated or still active in the biz. I just love that part because that's the link I send my non-fashionista friends to.

What really happened was- the Sugar Network went shopping and hoarded all the promising and ingenious fashion blogs out there. They played with it for awhile, kept a few gems until they didn't know what to do with the blogs anymore. That they had to chew them back in again and spat out that thing redirects Coutorture and Fashionologie fans to ~ WHAT A TRAGEDY!

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